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Combined experience of 50 years!

Sales & Rentals

For over 50 years our team has been providing forklift parts and service. Now we’re proud to offer forklift sales and rentals to help your operations run smoothly without the hassle of repairing and updating equipment.

Forklifts for Sale

We carry all major brands in a variety of models and sizes. Let us know your budget and we’ll help you select new or used equipment that will meet your needs. Visit our location in Atlanta, Ga to check out our inventory.




Forklift Rentals

Forklift rentals are a great way to keep your equipment up to date without the high up front costs. Another benefit of renting is being able to temporarily scale up your material handling equipment if demand is seasonal. Georgia Forklift has over 50 forklifts available in their fleet for rental. 

Let Georgia Forklift take care of your equipment while you take care of the critical parts of your business. Contact us for a quote!